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Maynaguri College

New Application for Certificate, Diploma & PG Diploma Courses

Subject Date of Publication
seat Planning Exam date -16-07-202415-07-2024
Geography Notice for Program Course15-07-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 15-07-202413-07-2024
Notice-Com Ex-12.07.2024-Philosophy12-07-2024
Notice-MA Entrance-12.07.2024-English12-07-2024
Notice-Com Ex-12.07.2024-English12-07-2024
Notice-MA Entrance - 12.07.2024- Philosophy12-07-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 12-07-202411-07-2024
NBU Notice regarding ABC ID11-07-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 11-07-202410-07-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 10-07-202409-07-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 08-07-202406-07-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 06-07-202405-07-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 05-07-202403-07-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 04-07-202403-07-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 03-07-202402-07-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 02-07-202401-07-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 01-07-202430-06-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 29-06-202428-06-2024
Notice for additional dates of Form fillup 2nd Semester exam- 202428-06-2024
Seat Planning Exam date- 28-06-202427-06-2024
Seat Planning Exam date-27-06-202426-06-2024
Seat Planning Exam date-26-06-202425-06-2024
Urgent Notice24-06-2024
Seat Planning Exam date-25-06-202424-06-2024
Notice for students24-06-2024
Urgent Notice for Students24-06-2024
Admission notice 1st semester, 2024-2523-06-2024
Program for 2nd, 4th & 6th Sem Exam. 202415-06-2024
Program for 2nd Sem Exam. 2024 (FYUGP)15-06-2024
1st, 3rd, 5th Semester- exam- 2024 PPR, PPS marksheet distribution15-06-2024
Aikyashree Scholarship14-06-2024
Notice for additional dates of Form fill up12-06-2024
Admission Notice for 2nd, 4th & 6th Semester07-06-2024
Notice for additional dates of form fillup exam- 202405-06-2024
Notice for British Council library and American Library access to students04-06-2024
Sociology Assignment NOTICE June 2024 0303-06-2024
Library book return Notice for all even sem students31-05-2024
Internal Assessment Bengali 2430-05-2024
Revised Notice Dept. of Education29-05-2024
Internal Assessment Bengali 2429-05-2024
Admission Notice for 2nd, 4th, 6th Semester28-05-2024
Schedule for 2nd, 4th, 6th Semester exam- 2024 (Under- CBCS)27-05-2024
Schedule for 2nd Semester exam-2024( under- FYUGP)27-05-2024
Notice for Internal Evaluation Dept. Of Economics27-05-2024
25-05-2024- 2 Sem-Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English- 2 Sem Students27-05-2024
25-05-2024- 4 Sem-Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English- 4 Sem Students27-05-2024
25-05-2024- 6 Sem-Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English-6 Sem Students27-05-2024
DEPARTMENT OF PHILOSOPHY, Notice for Internal Evaluation for all Even Semesters-202427-05-2024
NOTICE Iternal Assessment Major & Hons - Geography25-05-2024
Internal Assessment NOTICE (Minor, GE, DSC) - Geography25-05-2024
Notice-NBU DIPLOMA & PG DIPLOMA24-05-2024
Notice for Published of PPR & PPS Result24-05-2024
Internal Assessment Notice- Chemistry.23-05-2024
MDC - Internal Assessment Notice- Chemistry.23-05-2024
Notice for Test Examination 2024, Department of Philosophy22-05-2024
Environmental Education 2nd semester Notice22-05-2024
INTERNAL ASSESSMENT (2024)22-05-2024
Internal Assessment Notice dept. of Education21-05-2024
Notice for form fillup & structure of exam fees(under CBCS & FYUGP)20-05-2024
Notices for Pol. Sc Internal Assessment, June, 202420-05-2024
Sanskrit Honours Internal Examination June 202420-05-2024
Sanskrit Programme Internal Assessment June 202420-05-2024
Tourism and Travel Management - Notice18-05-2024
Disaster Management - Notice18-05-2024
Education Major Internal Assessment Notice17-05-2024
Notice for RA candidates exam- 202316-05-2024
Add On Course Google Classroom Link15-05-2024
Notice for 1st Sem ( Old - Casula & Back) make sheet distribution15-05-2024
Notice for date of extension of ABC ID10-05-2024
Notice for Add on Course09-05-2024
Notice for 1st Semester(Major- new syllabus) marksheet distribution06-05-2024
3rd Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice Exam-202303-05-2024
Sustainable Development Internal Assessment02-05-2024
Final notice for SSS submission for all students.26-04-2024
Notice regarding RA Candidates25-04-2024
Urgent notice for ABC ID-(1)24-04-2024
Notice for 5th Sem (Hons & Gen) Marksheet Distribution-202323-04-2024
Re-revised date of U. G. Even Semester Examination, 202415-04-2024
Notice for Revised date of Semester Exam-202412-04-2024
Notice for kanyashree27-03-2024
Notice related Oasis scholarship(Sc,St,OBC)21-03-2024
Urgent notice for all students19-03-2024
Notice for Payment failed of Oasis Scholarship16-03-2024
Notice for 6th semester students seminar of Philosophy Department15-03-2024
Notice for reassessment date extended once again15-03-2024
Notice inviting Quotation for Çollege Canteen11-03-2024
Notice Regarding Oasis Scholarship11-03-2024
Notice for reassessment date extention- 09-Mar-2024 15-45-4209-03-2024
Notice for 2nd,4th &6th Semester Admission07-03-2024
Saraswati Puja Prasad Distribution 202428-02-2024
Notice related to Silver Jubilee Celebration28-02-2024
Notice for LOGO Competition28-02-2024
Notice for 1st sem(FYUGP) Registration Certificate Distribution27-02-2024
Notice for women self-defence Training Camp24-02-2024
Urgent Notice for ABC ID24-02-2024
Urgent notice for all students22-02-2024
Notification for Results20-02-2024
Aikyashree Form Fillup07-02-2024
Invitation for Quotation02-02-2024
Notice for Womens self-defence Training Camp01-02-2024
New Couerses are intrudused for the session 202429-01-2024
Notice for account activation in N-LIST (Library)24-01-2024
5th Semester OASIS form Submission22-01-2024
Yuva Portal Registration Notice22-01-2024
Yuva Samvad Notice20-01-2024
Admission Notice for 2nd - 4th - 6th semester19-01-2024
Revised Practical Exam dates for Physical Education.17-01-2024
Library Book Issue Notice for 2nd, 4th and 6th Sem students11-01-2024
Notice for 3rd Sem Oasis Scholarship form Submit11-01-2024
Aikyashree Scholarship04-01-2024
Diploma Certificate Distribution Notice04-01-2024
IV-Semester Exam-2023 PPR, PPS & RA Marksheet Distribution Notice02-01-2024
Revised program schedule of students’ week 2024.31-12-2023
Notice for 2nd Sem- exam- 2023, PPR-PPS & R-A Marksheet distribution29-12-2023
Library Card and ID card distribution to 1st semester students29-12-2023
Revised Programme for Students’ Week 202427-12-2023
Students Week Programme Notice26-12-2023
Submission of Swami Vivekananda Scholarship22-12-2023
Submission of Oasis Scholarship22-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 22-12- 2023 Time 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM21-12-2023
Admission Notice for 2nd,4th & 6th semester 2023-2421-12-2023
Aikyashree Scholarship-421-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 21-12- 2023 Time 10.30 AM to 1 PM20-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 21-12- 2023 Time 2 PM to 4.30 PM20-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 20-12- 2023 Time 10.30 AM to 1 PM19-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 20-12- 2023 Time 2 PM to 3.30 PM19-12-2023
NOTICE-MDC_Chemistry In Action19-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 19-12- 2023 Time 10.30 AM to 12 Noon18-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 19-12- 2023 Time 2 PM to 4 PM18-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 18-12- 2023 Time 10.30 AM to 12.30 PM16-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 18-12- 2023 Time 2 PM to 4 PM16-12-2023
Notice for Introduction of new Courses of Community College14-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 15-12- 2023 Time 10.30 AM to 1 PM14-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 15-12-2023 Time 2 PM to 4.30 PM14-12-2023
NBU Exam Seat Planing of 13-12- 2023 Time 2 PM to 4.30 PM13-12-2023
Notification for reschedule of U. G. 1st Semester Examinations05-12-2023
U. G. 1st Semester Examination 2023 New From Fillup05-12-2023
Bengali SEC, Internal Exam05-12-2023
Urgent Notice for Exam Dec- 202329-11-2023
Revised Form Fillup Schedule28-11-2023
Internal Assessment Dept. of Bengali25-11-2023
Aikshree Notice24-11-2023
Notice for 1st Sem SEC Practical(Political Sc)-November, 202324-11-2023
Sanskrit IInternal Assessment NEP 1st sem CBCS 3rd and 5th Sem Program22-11-2023
Internal Assessment of DSE & SEC, 5th Sem, 2023, Department of Economics22-11-2023
Notice for submission of Project Report , Ist Semester Econonics Major( SEC), Department of Economics22-11-2023
Notice for practical exam of SEC for 1st Semester Major22-11-2023
Aikyashree Scholarship Notice21-11-2023
Refund Notice21-11-2023
Urgent Notice for Form Fill up21-11-2023
Notice for 2nd sem exam-2023 Mark sheet distribution21-11-2023
Internal Assessment for 1st Sem MDC- Management of Libraries and Information Centres 2023-2421-11-2023
Notice for Library Book Return for 3rd and 5th Semester Students 202321-11-2023
Performing Arts (MDC)Notice21-11-2023
Notice for Internal Assessment for 3rd Sem, Dept. of Political Science19-11-2023
Notice for Internal Assessment for 1st Sem (under NEP), Dept. of Political Science19-11-2023
Notice for Internal Assessment for 5th Sem, Dept. of Political Science19-11-2023
Education Notice (Internal Assessments18-11-2023
OASIS form Submission17-11-2023
Notice for extension of the date of form filup11-11-2023
Notice for PPR & PPS Results with Form fill up date.08-11-2023
Registration Number List 202331-10-2023
Notice for students about Form Fill up31-10-2023
Notice for Revised & Re-revised schedule for 1st Semester exam-202331-10-2023
Notice for Oasis Scholarship (NPCI)Failed17-10-2023
urgent notice for all students for Generating ABC ID17-10-2023
Notice for Oasis Scholarship17-10-2023
Sanskrit 1st Semester Major and Sec Internal Exam 202312-10-2023
Environmental Education Notice12-10-2023
Maynaguri College Sociology internal 212-10-2023
Notice for Internal Assessment of Department of Economics 202312-10-2023
Notice for Oasis Scholarship (Sc, St & OBC)12-10-2023
Philosophy department, Notice for Internal assessment -202312-10-2023
4th Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice-202310-10-2023
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English-Min, AEC,GE, LCC1, SEC- Students10-10-2023
Notice for 1st, 3rd, & 5th Sem exam- 2023 form fillup10-10-2023
Notice for Kanyashree(K2)07-10-2023
Notice for Final Document Verification for 1st Semester04-10-2023
Notice Regarding SVMCM03-10-2023
Notice for 3rd Sem & 5th Sem Final Admission03-10-2023
Notice for 3rd Sem & 5 Sem College Test exam03-10-2023
Notice for 2nd,4th & 6th- Semester Exam-2023 R.A. Result Sheet.30-09-2023
Notice for 6th Semester exam-2023 Marksheet distribution.30-09-2023
Notice for Reschedule of test exam.29-09-2023
Notice for Aikyashree Scholarship27-09-2023
Environmental Education Field Report27-09-2023
Notice for 1st Semester marksheet distribution23-09-2023
Notice of Test Exam for 3rd and 5th Sem22-09-2023
Test Exam routine for 3rd and 5th Sem22-09-2023
Notice regarding Document Verification of 1st Semester Students22-09-2023
Tender notice21-09-2023
Notice for 2nd Phase Admission of 3rd and 5th Semester20-09-2023
Notice for Apply 2nd semester PPR - PPS16-09-2023
Notice for Orientation Program of 1st semester students16-09-2023
Notice following students for physical attendance in the University of North Bengal14-09-2023
Notice for reopen admission portal academic session 2023-2414-09-2023
Notice for cancellation of Hard Copy Swami Vivekananda Scholarship14-09-2023
Notice for OASIS Scholarship12-09-2023
Notice for 1st Semester Document Verification12-09-2023
Notice for RA Case relating to 2nd, 4th, 6th semesters exam 202312-09-2023
Notice for R.A. case for the Sem-I Exam- 202211-09-2023
Notice for Swami Vivekananda Scholarship11-09-2023
Notice for 1st Semester Admission of Remaining Students List09-09-2023
Notice for 1st Semester Admission of Remaining Students08-09-2023
Admission for Missed Out Candidates. of 1st Sem Admission 2023-2402-09-2023
Notice for Document Verification24-08-2023
Notice for written application of miss out candidate of privious councelling23-08-2023
Notice for Library book issue to 3rd and 5th Sem students22-08-2023
Notice for NCC18-08-2023
Notice for Document Verification16-08-2023
Notice regarding 3rd Sem & 5th Sem Admission12-08-2023
Notice for Reopening 1st Semester Admission Portal12-08-2023
Notice for Education & Sociology as the availability of the seats11-08-2023
Notice for Application for shifting from Physical Education Minor to Major10-08-2023
Notice for Library Reading Room Usage to all students10-08-2023
Notice for Library book return10-08-2023
1st Semester-Exam-2022 Marksheet distribution.05-08-2023
Notice Regarding Admission of Verious Courses Catagory wise04-08-2023
Notice of Merit list of 2nd Phase Application02-08-2023
Urgent Notice regarding Documents Verification31-07-2023
NCC Notice -(2023-2024)31-07-2023
Re-opening of online admission portal for1st Semester(2023-24)27-07-2023
Schedule of Document verification B.A & B.Sc 1st Semester (2023-2024)26-07-2023
Oasis Pending list26-07-2023
Notice for Admission of 1st Semester -202324-07-2023
Pending Scholarship list18-07-2023
Notification for additional dates17-07-2023
Revised Schedule04-07-2023
Most Urgent Notification28-06-2023
Admission Notice28-06-2023
Admission Notice28-06-2023
Most urgent Notice regarding Exam, 27.06.2327-06-2023
Most urgent Notice27-06-2023
Urgent Notice for Exam25-06-2023
Urgent Notice24-06-2023
List of students with NPCI failed23-06-2023
2nd Semester Last & Final Admission.pdf17-06-2023
Notification for additional dates for filling-in of the forms for 6th Semester Examinations, 202316-06-2023
Program Part III (Hons.&Gen) 2023 1+1+108-06-2023
Notification for additional dates for filling-in of the forms for Even Semester Examinations, 202207-06-2023
Exam related( 2nd Sem program) Notice.03-06-2023
2nd Sem Test Exam, June 2023, 01-06-202303-06-2023
Notification for special chance02-06-2023
Marksheet distebution 1st Semester exam- 2022 All Honours.01-06-2023
Library Book Return Notice for 2nd, 4th and 6th Semester students01-06-2023
Notification for additional dates for filling-in of the forms for Even Semester Examinations, 202201-06-2023
Program for 6th Sem Exam. 2023 Final31-05-2023
OASIS Dispute List29-05-2023
Fees Structure for U. G. 2nd Semester Examinations, 202324-05-2023
Revised Notitification Fees Structure for U. G. (Annual System) Examinations, 202317-05-2023
Program for 2nd, 4th & 6th Sem Exam. 2023 Final16-05-2023
Half free final list_compressed13-05-2023
RA 5311-05-2023
U.G 4th & 6th Semester examination forms11-05-2023
U.G.Part-III examination forms10-05-2023
Admission last phase02-05-2023
Exam related (4th Sem, 6th Sem college test) notice29-04-2023
Notice for Post Matric Scholarship26-04-2023
Heat wave Notice16-04-2023
Admission Notice13-04-2023
Principal Maynaguri College - RA Malpractice11-04-2023
Notification for publication of results 08.04.202309-04-2023
Notice for Sociology students.06-04-2023
Oasis(Sc,St,Obc) verification pending list30-03-2023
3rd Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice Exam-202230-03-2023
5th Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice exam-202229-03-2023
Last Phase Admission Notice-202321-03-2023
Notice for student ABC ID18-03-2023
Notice for 1st Semester practical exam-202216-03-2023
Freeship 2022-2316-03-2023
Notice regarding 1st Sem Registration certificate distribution15-03-2023
Notice (Urgent) related 2nd, 4th, 6th, Semester final exam.06-03-2023
Admission Notice06-03-2023
Notice for Envs Project Submit01-03-2023
Notice for NLIST01-03-2023
Notification for publication of results for U. G. 3rd & 5th Semester Examinations, 202225-02-2023
Not verified students for SC,ST,OBC Scholarship24-02-2023
Disput Notice for SC,ST,OBC Students24-02-2023
SVMCM Pending Notice20-02-2023
Library book return notice for 1st Semester students15-02-2023
Form Fillup Notice(1st Semester)15-02-2023
Notice for Registration Certificate10-02-2023
Urgent Notice for SC-ST-OBC Scholarship09-02-2023
Money Refund Notice02-02-2023
Half free scholarship02-02-2023
Money Refund Notice31-01-2023
Identity Card distribution Notice31-01-2023
Swami Vivekananda Notice31-01-2023
NSS Class Routine.30-01-2023
Fees Structure for U. G. 1st Semester Examinations, 202227-01-2023
Notification for U. G. 1st Semester Examinations, 202227-01-2023
Revised Schedule27-01-2023
NOTICE NNN18-01-2023
Program for 1 Sem B.A.& B.Sc.,B.Com.... Exam. 202218-01-2023
Library book circulation notice for 1st, 4th and 6th Sem students11-01-2023
1st Semester Registration photo uploaded notification.07-01-2023
Library card for 1st Semester.07-01-2023
Notice for Student activities for Chhatra- Saptaha.04-01-2023
Admission Notice (4th & 6th Sem)02-01-2023
Notice for Library Card for 1st Semester Students26-12-2022
SEC Education Notice21-12-2022
his sec 20-Dec-2022 14-11-5420-12-2022
Notice for 3rd & 5th Sem Phy. Education practical Exam- 202216-12-2022
Registration Certificate (2022-2023)16-12-2022
Class suspension notice03-12-2022
Aikyashree 2nd phase Notice26-11-2022
Notification for additional dates22-11-2022
Bank Facilities Notice21-11-2022
Last Phase of Document Verification (1st Sem)21-11-2022
Notification regarding special chance17-11-2022
Aikyashree Scholarship Notice14-11-2022
SVMCM Scholarship Notice14-11-2022
Post Matric Scholarship Notice12-11-2022
Notice for 2nd & 4th Sem-2022 General Marksheet Distribution12-11-2022
SC-ST Scholarship Notice10-11-2022
Last phase Admission 3rd &5th Sem10-11-2022
Library book return notice for 3rd and 5th Semester students09-11-2022
Fees Structure for U. G. 3rd 5th Semester Examinations 202205-11-2022
Notice for Date wise 1st Semester Sc.St.OBC Form deposit.05-11-2022
Notice for Internal Assessment, 3rd & 5th Sem05-11-2022
Program for 3rd 5th Sem Exam. 202204-11-2022
Notice regarding 2nd & 4th semester (Hons)-2022 marksheet distribution03-11-2022
Post Matric Scholarship Notice29-10-2022
3rd & 5th Semester Admission28-10-2022
Notification for U. G. 3rd & 5th Semester Examinations, 202223-10-2022
Urgent Notice18-10-2022
Notice for 1st Semester Document verification28-09-2022
Notice for Library Card Registration 2022 for 1st Semester students26-09-2022
Notice for 6th semester Marksheet Distribution21-09-2022
Class Suspension Notice-202220-09-2022
Notice related 1st Semester document verification19-09-2022
Notice for 1st Semester (Newly Admitted) Document verification. session 2022-2023.16-09-2022
Starting of Classes for 1st Semester 2022-2314-09-2022
Notice For Reopened Application Process Date14-09-2022
Notice for Reopening 1st Sem Admission Portal10-09-2022
Reopen online portal09-09-2022
NCC Notice -202207-09-2022
Re-admission Notice for BA Programme Course03-09-2022
Notice for result -202230-08-2022
Notification for publication of results26-08-2022
Admission cancellation notice18-08-2022
Notice for collection of Library Clearance certificate for 6th Semester students.17-08-2022
Important notice for class attendance17-08-2022
3rd & 5th Semester admission ( 3rd phase)12-08-2022
Vaccination camp (Booster Dose)06-08-2022
Vaccination Notice05-08-2022
Scholarship Notice-202205-08-2022
2nd Phase Booster Dose04-08-2022
Covid-19 vaccination Booster Dose29-07-2022
Covid-19 vaccination Booster Dose27-07-2022
2nd phase admission-2227-07-2022
Notice for Library card issue21-07-2022
Library Book Issue Notice19-07-2022
Notice Regarding 1st Semester Admission for the Session -2022-202312-07-2022
Notice for book return to all semester students12-07-2022
Notice for Answer scripts collection 8.07.2207-07-2022
Revised Schedule for U.G examination07-07-2022
Notice for Answe scripts collection 07.07.202206-07-2022
Admission of 3 & 5 th Sem06-07-2022
Notice for Answer scripts collection 6.07.2205-07-2022
Notice University of North Bengal05-07-2022
Notice for Answer scripts collection 05.07.2204-07-2022
Notice for Revised Exam Routine Part II(Gen) & III (Hons.Gen) 2022 1+1+103-07-2022
Notice for Answer scripts collection 04.07.202203-07-2022
Most Urgent Notice29-06-2022
Notice 29.06.202229-06-2022
Notice for Answer scripts collection 29.06.202228-06-2022
Notice for Answer scripts collection 28.06.2227-06-2022
Notice for Answer scripts collection 24.06.2223-06-2022
Notice for Answer scripts collection for 23.06.2222-06-2022
REVISED Program Part II Gen III Hons. Gen. 2022 1+1+122-06-2022
Notice for Answer scripts submission 22.06.202221-06-2022
NBU Even Semester Exam Routine, June-July 202221-06-2022
Notification for extention of dates20-06-2022
Notice for Part II & III Exam18-06-2022
Exam Notice 17.06.202217-06-2022
Internal Sociology GE14-06-2022
Exam Related FAQs11-06-2022
Notice for Answer scripts distribution11-06-2022
Notice University of North Bengal11-06-2022
1ST Semester General Examination - 2021 MARKSHEET Distinction.08-06-2022
U.G. II, III 1+1+1 Programme08-06-2022
Dept. Of Bengali Internal Assessment (Online)08-06-2022
Internal Assessment notice (dept. of Education)08-06-2022
Internal Assessment Hons and Programme Course January - June 202203-06-2022
Practical Examination Programme Course January - June 202203-06-2022
UG 2nd 4th 6th Semester Examination Schedule03-06-2022
Ammendment- Sanskrit 6th Semester Internal Project02-06-2022
Notice for Internal assignment of Philosophy Department -202202-06-2022
Notice of Academic Committee for Internal Assignment02-06-2022
Eng Prog-01-06-2022-Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English-GE, DSC, LCC2, AECC2, DSE, SEC- Prog Students02-06-2022
Eng Hons-01-06-2022-Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English students-Hons - 2nd, 4th and 6th Semesters02-06-2022
Internal Assesment Notice Dept of Economics 202202-06-2022
Physics Theory exam notice 202202-06-2022
Physics Practical exam notice 202202-06-2022
Notice of Int Assessment, May, 2022, Dept of Political Sc02-06-2022
Physical Education02-06-2022
Notice of Academic Committee for Internal Assignment02-06-2022
SSS NOTICE FINAL, 2022.02-06-2022
3rd Semester Marksheet Distribution Notice Exam.-202101-06-2022
Notice related SECC Scholarship.28-05-2022
Physical Education Practical Exam28-05-2022
Notice, B.A & 5th Semester (General) marksheet distribution27-05-2022
Marksheet distribution notice.25-05-2022
Exams Notice -202224-05-2022
Notice Regarding Suspension of Classes18-05-2022
3rd Semester Marksheet distribution notice exam-202118-05-2022
Notice For SECC Scholarship17-05-2022
Notice For Computer Test For the post of LDC16-05-2022
Notice,1st Sem & 5th Sem Hons exam- 2021 marksheet distribution.14-05-2022
Notice regarding Blood donor certificate distribution.12-05-2022
Filling in of Examination Forms of U.G. 2nd, 4th, 6th Semester Examination 202210-05-2022
Notice regarding Physical Education10-05-2022
Notice Regarding NBU Examination10-05-2022
Admission Notice (3rd time)-202210-05-2022
Notice related to Oasis Scholarship28-04-2022
Routine for Even Semester-2022 of Maynaguri College16-04-2022
Admission Notice (2nd time)-202212-04-2022
ID Card Distribution Notice06-04-2022
1st Semester (General) Session 2021-22 Registration04-04-2022
Notice regarding 1st semester (Hons ) Registration certificate distribution.31-03-2022
Notice for Admission in 2nd 4th 6th Semester21-03-2022
Re-fund (2021-2022) Notice05-03-2022
Physical Education Practical Exam Notice16-02-2022
NBU Exam Routine15-02-2022
Physical Education Notice07-02-2022
Additional dates for filling up the examination 2021 forms03-02-2022
Additional dates for filling up the examination forms25-01-2022
Department of Geography, Notice for Internal Assessment19-01-2022
Sociology, Internal Assessment , 5th SEM GE18-01-2022
Revised Notice of Dept of Political Science for online internal assessment06-01-2022
Fill-in of Examination Forms of U. G. 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester Examinations, 2021 (under CBCS)05-01-2022
Regulation Pertaining to Students' Week Celebration30-12-2021
Vaccine Notice 1st Semester, 2nd Dose30-12-2021
Notice on Students'' Week30-12-2021
Vaccine Notice 2nd Dose27-12-2021
Essay Competition, Student''s Day26-12-2021
Notice for Internal Assessment, Department of Environmental Studies24-12-2021
Internal Assessment Education24-12-2021
Notice for Internal Assessment December-2021, Dept. of Political Science24-12-2021
Post Matric Scholarship 202124-12-2021
Mathematics Dept23-12-2021
Bengali, Internal Assessment23-12-2021
Economics Internal Assessment Notice22-12-2021
Notice for Sanskrit Internal Assessment December 202122-12-2021
Internal Assignment Submission for English students-Hons and Prog- 1st, 3rd and 5th Semesters22-12-2021
Internal Examination Physical Education22-12-2021
Swami Vivekananda Scholarship Notice22-12-2021
Admission Notice22-12-2021
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for Philosophy Students20-12-2021
Notice Internal Assessment Chemistry18-12-2021
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English-GE, DSC, DSE, SEC- Students18-12-2021
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English students-Hons and Prog- 1st, 3rd and 5th Semesters18-12-2021
Maynaguri College, Notice for Internal Assessment-202118-12-2021
1st sem post metric scholarship date 14-12-202114-12-2021
Notice for Aikyashree Scholarship form diposite13-12-2021
Registration Notice10-12-2021
4th semester Marksheet Distribution Exam-202107-12-2021
Scholarship Notice07-12-2021
Notice for B.A 2nd semester(Gen) exam-2021 mark sheet distribution.30-11-2021
Notice for Document verification extention date29-11-2021
Notice Newly 1st semester All Documents are to be serially arranged.22-11-2021
Notice For 3rd & 5th Semester20-11-2021
B.Sc Programme merit list (2nd phase)18-11-2021
Notice of 1st year Document Verification session (2021- 2022)17-11-2021
Notice Regarding Scholarship form13-11-2021
Reopening of Admission portal, Maynaguri College, 1st Semester11-11-2021
Notice NCC27-10-2021
Notice NCC18-10-2021
Notice for Covid-19 vaccination 1st semester07-10-2021
Aikvashree Scholarship05-10-2021
Mark sheet distibution 2nd & 4th semester Hons exam-202102-10-2021
NCC Notice30-09-2021
Covid-19 Vaccination scheduled30-09-2021
Admission Notice29-09-2021
Covid-19 vaccine information25-09-2021
Stripend Notice22-09-2021
Notice for 1st Semester Admission Session 2021-2220-09-2021
Vaccine Notice14-09-2021
Notice Regarding 1st Semester Admisson Session- 2021-22 Date - 13-09-202113-09-2021
6th Semester exam 202108-09-2021
Class code and link for online classes, Department of Environmental Studies06-09-2021
Notice reguarding 1st semester-2020 marksheet distibution04-09-2021
Notice Library card & Identity card distibution04-09-2021
3rd & 5th Semester exam-2020 Marksheet distribution27-08-2021
Scholarship Notice for general category 2021082424-08-2021
Online PPR & PPS Notice23-08-2021
Notice Regarding to 1st semester application extention date21-08-2021
Final admission for 3rd & 5th Semester 2021-2221-08-2021
Refund Notice 2021081919-08-2021
University Registration session (2020-21).pdf18-08-2021
Class Code Geography15-08-2021
Department of Bengali, Google classroom link13-08-2021
Department of Chemistry class code11-08-2021
Class Code of Physics Department21081111-08-2021
Mathematics Code & Link11-08-2021
class code 2021-2211-08-2021
class codes Education10-08-2021
English Dept-Google Classroom Codes & Links-August, 202109-08-2021
Google Class room Class Codes, Dept. of Political Science09-08-2021
Department of Physical Educationonline, Google classroom's class link & code09-08-2021
Academic committee notice.pdf09-08-2021
History, class codes and links 1st,3rd & 5th sem, 09-08-202109-08-2021
Department of Philosophy, Maynaguri College, Online Google classroom's class link and code09-08-2021
1st Year Admission Session 2021-2231-07-2021
Marksheet Distribution for 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester19-07-2021
Blank Answerscript Collection16-07-2021
Examination Notice16-07-2021
Revised Notification for U. G. Even Semester & U. G. Old System Examinations12-07-2021
Notification for U. G. Even Semester & U. G. Old System Examinations, 202109-07-2021
Blank Answer Scripts Collection09-07-2021
UG even Semester and Annual Exam 2021 Date-08-07-202108-07-2021
Urgent Notification07-07-2021
4th Semester Mark Sheet07-07-2021
2nd Semester Mark Sheet07-07-2021
Notice relating to waiving of Examination Fees by NBU06-07-2021
World Hepatitis Day Quiz Notice27-06-2021
Notice Regarding Internal Assessment26-06-2021
Covid 19 Counselling Cell22-06-2021
International Yoga Day Quiz Notice19-06-2021
Even Semester Admission Notice18-06-2021
N.B.U Re-Revised Notice.pdf17-06-2021
Student Welfare Committee Notice17-06-2021
NBU Revised Notice 15-06-202115-06-2021
Notice on Internal Assignment for Economics13-06-2021
Covid 19 Counselling Cell Notice - 12-06-2112-06-2021
Notice for Classes in Sociology09-06-2021
Covid 19 Counselling Cell Notice - 08-06-2108-06-2021
Sociology GE, Internal Assessment07-06-2021
Internal Assessment, Dept. Of Bengali05-06-2021
Notice-Internal Assessment, June 2021-Dept. of Political Sc.05-06-2021
Department of physical education05-06-2021
Internal Assessment (June 2021)Department of Education05-06-2021
World Environment Day Quiz04-06-2021
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English Students-LCC2, AECC202-06-2021
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English-Honurs Students for 2nd, 4th and 6th Semesters02-06-2021
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English-GE, DSC, DSE, SEC- Students02-06-2021
Covid 19 Counselling Cell Notice - 01-06-202101-06-2021
Notice for Internal Assessment 2020-2021, Dept. of Philosophy30-05-2021
Covid 19 Counselling Cell Notice23-05-2021
Covid 19 Counselling Cell Notice16-05-2021
Covid 19 Counselling Cell12-05-2021
Admission Notice I+I+I System Date - 12-05-202112-05-2021
Even Semester Admission Notice03-05-2021
Notice for U. G. 2nd 4th Semester Examinations 202130-04-2021
Notice 30-04-202130-04-2021
Notice Covid 19 Counselling Cell 25-04-202125-04-2021
Notice for NSS25-04-2021
Notice Date 23-04-202123-04-2021
Notice Date - 10-04-202110-04-2021
Counter wise Answer Scripts Collection of 1st Sem 202019-03-2021
Counter wise Answer Scripts Collection of 1st Sem 202016-03-2021
Notice for 1st Sememester Final Exam 2021 Date - 08-02-2021.pdf08-03-2021
REVISED_SCHEDULE_for_U.G._1st_3rd_5th_Semester_Examinations_2020 Date-03-03-202103-03-2021
Notice on 1st, 3rd and 5th Sem Final Exam 202101-03-2021
Odd Semester CBCS, Final Examination Notice 202028-02-2021
Notice for Practical Exam 2020 of Dept. of Geography Date - 27-02-202127-02-2021
NOTICE_for_U.G._1st_3rd_5th_Semester_Examinations_2020 Date-27-02-202127-02-2021
Notice for Internal Assessment 2020-2021 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester25-02-2021
Notice on 2nd and 4th Semester Marksheet Distribution 2019-2025-02-2021
NBU Final Exam Form Fillup of 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester 202022-02-2021
Admission Notice 2nd and 3rd Year(1+1+1)20-02-2021
Science Department Practical Notice20-02-2021
Covid 19 Counselling Cell Notice13-02-2021
PPR PPS Notice of 2nd & 4th Semester 202012-02-2021
Department of Geography12-02-2021
Notice for internal assesssment Philosophy, 1st, 3rd & 5th Semester08-02-2021
Department Notice economics08-02-2021
Document economics08-02-2021
Internal Assessment notice (dept. of Education)08-02-2021
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English-CC, GE, DSC, SEC, DSE- Students for 1st, 3rd and 5th Semesters (Hons and Program)08-02-2021
Sanskrit_sec 5th sem08-02-2021
Sanskrit_sec 3rd sem08-02-2021
Sanskrit_ge 3rd semester08-02-2021
Sanskrit_sec 3rd sem08-02-2021
Sanskrit_LCC 1st semester08-02-2021
Sanskrit_Ge 5th semester08-02-2021
Sanskrit_GE 1st semester08-02-2021
Sanskrit_dsc 3rd semester08-02-2021
Sanskrit_dsc 5th sem08-02-2021
Sanskrit_DSC 1st semester08-02-2021
Sanskrit_5th semester honours08-02-2021
Sanskrit_3rd semester honours08-02-2021
Sanskrit_1st semester honours08-02-2021
Bengali Assignment07-02-2021
Department of Sanskrit lcc 3rd semester06-02-2021
Sociology, Internal Assessment , 5th SEM GE06-02-2021
Notice on 1st, 3rd and 5th Sem Final Exam 202105-02-2021
Envs project notice 1st semester session 2020-202104-02-2021
Notice for Internal Assessment 2020-2021, Dept. of Political Science03-02-2021
Admission Notice 2nd and 3rd Year _I+I+I_ Session 2020-2102-02-2021
Notification for Fill-in of Examination Forms of U. G. 1st, 3rd, 5th semester examinationss 202022-01-2021
Registration Notice18-01-2021
Notice Regarding Post Metric Scholarship05-01-2021
Semester-II - Semester-IV Answer Scripts Collection Schedule Date - 17-12-202017-12-2020
Provissional & Semester Admission Notice14-12-2020
Scholarship Notice12-12-2020
Covid 19 Counselling Cell Notice11-12-2020
Anti Raging Form08-12-2020
Notice Regarding NBU Registration 2020 Document Verification of 1st Semester07-12-2020
1st Semester Admission Notice01-12-2020
Notice regarding 2nd and 4th Semester Final Exam26-11-2020
Notice on Part-I Part-II Examination I+I+I System24-11-2020
Notice and Codes of Google Classrooms for 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester Students18-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for ECONOMICS Students Date-13-11-202013-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English-GE, DSC, SEC- Students11-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for Sanskrit Students11-11-2020
Most Urgent Notifications 11-11-202011-11-2020
Notice for Students Regarding Aikyashree scholarship11-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for Education Students11-11-2020
Noticeon Internal Assignment Submission for Political Science Students Date-09-11-2020.pdf09-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for Bengali Students Date-09-11-202009-11-2020
Internal Assessment of Department of History 2020 Nov.09-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for Philosophy Students Date-08-11-202008-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for 2nd & 4th Semester Students07-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English Students Date-06-11-202006-11-2020
NOTICE for conducting UG 2nd_4th_Semester_Examinations_202006-11-2020
Ghoshona Potro for 1st Semester 2020-21 Date - 04-11-202004-11-2020
University Examination for B.A / B.Sc. Part-I & Part-II (I+I+I) Hons & General (2019-20)17-10-2020
Notice for Admission in 1st Senester Date-15-10-202015-10-2020
Application Notice of NCC 2020-21 Datd-13-10-202013-10-2020
1st Semester Application Portal Date-10-10-202010-10-2020
3rd and 5th Semester Admission09-10-2020
Post Matric Scholarship Form08-10-2020
NSS Unit-2 Notice03-10-2020
NSS Unit-4 Notice03-10-2020
Notice Final Exam 2020 Date 28-09-202028-09-2020
Examination Notice26-09-2020
Revised Routine 202026-09-2020
Notification of U. G. Part-II (Back) Examinations 202026-09-2020
Student Welfare Committee Notice 0n Exam-Oct, 202026-09-2020
NOTICE for conducting Part-III Examinations, 202010-09-2020
U. G. Notification10-09-2020
Part-III (Honours/General) Examinations 2020 (I+I+I System)08-09-2020
International Webinar on " Pandemic Realities: Emerging Issues and Perspectives".29/08/2020
Webiner IQAC & Women's Cell23-08-2020
Philosophy Webinar Brochure23-08-2020
National Webinar-English23-08-2020
3rd & 5th Semester admission notice 2020-202122-08-2020
NSS National Webinar13-08-2020
Notice Regarding Online Admission 2020-21 Date - 03-08-202003-08-2020
Notice Regarding COVID 19 Cell17-07-2020
NOTICE for E-Quiz Date - 25-06-202025-06-2020
Result of the Essay competition25-06-2020
Notice for Online Essay Competition Date - 01-06-202001-06-2020
Composition of Covid-19 Cell27-05-2020
Notice Regarding Covid-19 Date - 27-05-202027-05-2020
Notice 12-05-202012-05-2020
Notice Date - 03-04-202003-04-2020
Appointment Notice Dated - 16-03-202016-03-2020
Notice Date - 16-03-202016-03-2020
Notice dt - 15-02-202015-02-2020
Notice dt - 07-02-202007-02-2020
Admission Notice for 2nd and 4th Semester 2019-20 Date - 02-02-202002-02-2020
Admission Notice for 2nd and 3rd Year 2019-20 Date - 02-02-202002-02-2020
Admission for 2nd & 3rd Year, 2nd Sem & 4th Sem for the session 2019-2020 Date - 21-01-202021-01-2020
Admission for 2nd & 3rd Year for the session 2019-2025-11-2019
Admission Notice Date - 28-09-201928-09-2019
Exam Importance - 17-09-201917-09-2019
Admission Notice Date - 16-09-201916-09-2019
Admission Notice Date - 05-09-201905-09-2019
Notice for Provissional Admission 2019-20 - 04-09-201904-09-2019
Regarding 1st Semester Honours Course Admission Date - 03-08-201903-08-2019
Re - 3rd Semester Admission Notice Date - 03-08-201903-08-2019
1st Semester Admission Notice 2019-20 Date-24-07-201924-07-2019
Notice for 1st Semester Admission on 16-07-201916-07-2019
Notice for 1st Semester Admission on 10-07-201910-07-2019
3rd Semester Admission Notice Date - 25-06-201925-06-2019
1st Semester Admission Notice 2019-20 Date-21-06-201921-06-2019
Admission Notice for NSOU - Dated - 11-06-201911-06-2019
Information & Instructions for Admission in 1st Semester 2019-20 (Elglish & Bengali) Date - 01-06-201901-06-2019
Notice for University Exam Dated - 28-05-201928-05-2019
1st Year Admission for 2019-20 Date-27-05-201927-05-2019
Notice for University Exam From Fillup-218-02-2019
Notice for University Examination From Fill Up14-02-2019
Notice for University Examination From Fill up 114-02-2019
Notice for 2nd Semester Admission Date - 13-12-201813-12-2018
Notice of Corrections of subjects and name10-11-2018
Notice 2018-19 for 2nd & 3rd Year Admission22-09-2018
Admission Notice 2018-19 for 2nd & 3rd Year Dated - 20-09-201820-09-2018
New E-councelling Schedule Date - 09-08-201809-08-2018
New E-councelling Schedule Date - 31-07-201831-07-2018
Notice on Special Education Tour05-07-2018
Notice of Provissional Admission for 2nd & 3rd Year Session - 2018-1902-07-2018
Anti Raging Form25-06-2018
NSS SummerCamp- 201823-06-2018
Notice Regarding Anti-ragging23-06-2018
Notice of Physical Education Date - 09-06-201809-06-2018
1st Year Admission Notice , Session - 2018-1906-06-2018