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Maynaguri College

Login for 1st Semester (2020-21)

Subject Date of Publication
Notification for Fill-in of Examination Forms of U. G. 1st, 3rd, 5th semester examinationss 202022-01-2021
Registration Notice18-01-2021
Notice Regarding Post Metric Scholarship05-01-2021
Semester-II - Semester-IV Answer Scripts Collection Schedule Date - 17-12-202017-12-2020
Provissional & Semester Admission Notice14-12-2020
Scholarship Notice12-12-2020
Anti Raging Form08-12-2020
Notice Regarding NBU Registration 2020 Document Verification of 1st Semester07-12-2020
1st Semester Admission Notice01-12-2020
Notice and Codes of Google Classrooms for 1st, 3rd and 5th Semester Students18-11-2020
Notice regarding 2nd and 4th Semester Final Exam26-11-2020
Notice on Part-I Part-II Examination I+I+I System24-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for ECONOMICS Students Date-13-11-202013-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English-GE, DSC, SEC- Students11-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for Sanskrit Students11-11-2020
Most Urgent Notifications 11-11-202011-11-2020
Notice for Students Regarding Aikyashree scholarship11-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for Education Students11-11-2020
Noticeon Internal Assignment Submission for Political Science Students Date-09-11-2020.pdf09-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for Bengali Students Date-09-11-202009-11-2020
Internal Assessment of Department of History 2020 Nov.09-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for Philosophy Students Date-08-11-202008-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for 2nd & 4th Semester Students07-11-2020
Notice on Internal Assignment Submission for English Students Date-06-11-202006-11-2020
NOTICE for conducting UG 2nd_4th_Semester_Examinations_202006-11-2020
Ghoshona Potro for 1st Semester 2020-21 Date - 04-11-202004-11-2020
University Examination for B.A / B.Sc. Part-I & Part-II (I+I+I) Hons & General (2019-20)17-10-2020
Notice for Admission in 1st Senester Date-15-10-202015-10-2020
Application Notice of NCC 2020-21 Datd-13-10-202013-10-2020
1st Semester Application Portal Date-10-10-202010-10-2020
3rd and 5th Semester Admission09-10-2020
Post Matric Scholarship Form08-10-2020
NSS Unit-2 Notice03-10-2020
NSS Unit-4 Notice03-10-2020
Notice Final Exam 2020 Date 28-09-202028-09-2020
Examination Notice26-09-2020
Revised Routine 202026-09-2020
Notification of U. G. Part-II (Back) Examinations 202026-09-2020
Student Welfare Committee Notice 0n Exam-Oct, 202026-09-2020
Part-III (Honours/General) Examinations 2020 (I+I+I System)08-09-2020
NOTICE for conducting Part-III Examinations, 202010-09-2020
U. G. Notification10-09-2020
Webiner IQAC & Women's Cell23-08-2020
Philosophy Webinar Brochure23-08-2020
National Webinar-English23-08-2020
NSS National Webinar13-08-2020
3rd & 5th Semester admission notice 2020-202122-08-2020
Notice Regarding Online Admission 2020-21 Date - 03-08-202003-08-2020
International Webinar on " Pandemic Realities: Emerging Issues and Perspectives".29/08/2020
Notice Regarding COVID 19 Cell17-07-2020
NOTICE for E-Quiz Date - 25-06-202025-06-2020
Result of the Essay competition25-06-2020
Notice for Online Essay Competition Date - 01-06-202001-06-2020
Composition of Covid-19 Cell27-05-2020
Notice Regarding Covid-19 Date - 27-05-202027-05-2020
Notice 12-05-202012-05-2020
Notice Date - 03-04-202003-04-2020
Appointment Notice Dated - 16-03-202016-03-2020
Notice Date - 16-03-202016-03-2020
Notice dt - 15-02-202015-02-2020
Notice dt - 07-02-202007-02-2020
Admission for 2nd & 3rd Year, 2nd Sem & 4th Sem for the session 2019-2020 Date - 21-01-202021-01-2020
Admission Notice for 2nd and 4th Semester 2019-20 Date - 02-02-202002-02-2020
Admission Notice for 2nd and 3rd Year 2019-20 Date - 02-02-202002-02-2020
Admission for 2nd & 3rd Year for the session 2019-2025-11-2019
Admission Notice Date - 28-09-201928-09-2019
Exam Importance - 17-09-201917-09-2019
Admission Notice Date - 16-09-201916-09-2019
Admission Notice Date - 05-09-201905-09-2019
Notice for Provissional Admission 2019-20 - 04-09-201904-09-2019
Regarding 1st Semester Honours Course Admission Date - 03-08-201903-08-2019
Re - 3rd Semester Admission Notice Date - 03-08-201903-08-2019
1st Semester Admission Notice 2019-20 Date-24-07-201924-07-2019
Notice for 1st Semester Admission on 16-07-201916-07-2019
Notice for 1st Semester Admission on 10-07-201910-07-2019
3rd Semester Admission Notice Date - 25-06-201925-06-2019
1st Semester Admission Notice 2019-20 Date-21-06-201921-06-2019
Admission Notice for NSOU - Dated - 11-06-201911-06-2019
Information & Instructions for Admission in 1st Semester 2019-20 (Elglish & Bengali) Date - 01-06-201901-06-2019
Notice for University Exam Dated - 28-05-201928-05-2019
1st Year Admission for 2019-20 Date-27-05-201927-05-2019
Notice for University Exam From Fillup-218-02-2019
Notice for University Examination From Fill Up14-02-2019
Notice for University Examination From Fill up 114-02-2019
Notice for 2nd Semester Admission Date - 13-12-201813-12-2018
Notice of Corrections of subjects and name10-11-2018
Notice 2018-19 for 2nd & 3rd Year Admission22-09-2018
Admission Notice 2018-19 for 2nd & 3rd Year Dated - 20-09-201820-09-2018
New E-councelling Schedule Date - 09-08-201809-08-2018
New E-councelling Schedule Date - 31-07-201831-07-2018
Notice on Special Education Tour05-07-2018
Notice of Provissional Admission for 2nd & 3rd Year Session - 2018-1902-07-2018
Anti Raging Form25-06-2018
NSS SummerCamp- 201823-06-2018
Notice Regarding Anti-ragging23-06-2018
Notice of Physical Education Date - 09-06-201809-06-2018
1st Year Admission Notice , Session - 2018-1906-06-2018